Studio Consultant

Mari trained, choreographed and taught alongside nationally acclaimed instructors Robyn Chance and Roberto Lay in Dallas, TX. She also founded the famous SeduXion Dance Company  in the 2012. Mari  was a main instructor for Alpha Midway Dance Studio where she helped develop the student's musicality, sensuality, timing and rhythm next to Roberto Lay and Salvador Urena. Mari had great opportunities in the Latin dance world to perform and teach all over the country and internationally.   

Mari  graduated with an Operations Management degree from Baruch College. She has been working in Operations for 6 years in industries ranging from corporate financial services at KPMG, retail, and consulting for studios and companies across the country. Mari combines both her passions of dance and operations while offering companies her services to  realign and restructure. She has helped Shooting Stars streamline operations with new organization systems and applications. Mari has been a fantastic resource for Shooting Stars!