Competition Guidelines

Due to Competitive Dance guidelines, dancers should only be competitive team members of one competition company. This rule is well known through out the competition dance industry. These universal guidelines also prohibit company dancers from entering a competition as an independent entry. Not complying with these competition guidelines puts Shooting Stars many years of over 500 winning titles in jeopardy. 

No refunds due to limited enrollment, fees, and competitive nature.

Expectations of a Shooting Star

  • I will arrive on time for every rehearsal, unless previously arranged.
  • I will only miss a maximum of 3 practices before competition. Should I have to miss an additional practice, I understand that I must contact SSDC to arrange and pay for a make-up private lesson. 
  • If I miss more than three classes, I understand that I may not compete. Just like a Varsity Sports Team, players must attend practices to play in the big game.
  • I understand there is no “I” in TEAM. Every dancer plays a vital role on the team and in the choreography. Regardless of my position in all formations, 
  • I will not complain or dispute my position or formation. I will dance proudly in the spot I am assigned.
  • I understand corrections given are never intended to be negative, and are always for the overall good of the team.
  • I will read all Shooting Stars material, Parent/Team emails, and attend any informational team meetings given by Shooting Stars. 
  • I understand that officer positions are assigned after much consideration who have seniority within the company.
  • I understand that I am to look to my fellow team members as a family. Each dancer is my sister and I will treat her with this respect.
  • I understand that SSDC enforces a no bully, no gossip policy.
  • I understand that if I am unkind or gossip regarding any of my team members or SSDC, this is grounds for automatic dismissal.
  • I understand that while I may train and take classes at other studios, I may not compete with any other studio. This puts Shooting Stars many titles in jeopardy,
  •  I will wear properly assigned shoes, black dance pants, and my Shooting Stars Practice shirt to every practice. My hair will be up and out of my face in a neat pony tail and I will wear no loose jewelry.
  • I understand that during stunt-work, I must give my full attention. I will take stunt work very seriously and always practice safety first. 
  • I understand that I must not mark the choreography. I will perform all choreography full out unless otherwise instructed or arranged.
  •  I understand that many dancers were not accepted onto SSDC. I will honor this privilege with professional and respect.